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Skype consultations available! 

In-person consultations: For folks in central NC (and sometimes I'm in Boulder, CO).

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For parents of babies having difficulty with tummy time, parents who want to learn more, and expectant parents.

We'll address your questions, look at handling tips specifically in relation to you and your baby, and respectfully investigate reasons underlying tummy time discomfort. 

Webinars: about tummy time and lots more, Check here 

Consultations are available for many other topics as well; visit my Conscious Baby site for more info. 

5 month olds hangin' out

This approach comes from Infant Developmental Movement Education/Educators (IDME), part of the Body-Mind Centering(R) (BMC) approach to somatic education, developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Occupational Therapist. 

Locate a practitioner or class near you 

Locate an IDME or BMC training 

Other BMC and IDME Resources

Publications by Lenore Grubinger, Amajoy: Seven Recommendations For You & Your Baby, Reflex charts, and an upcoming book

Developing Through Relationship, Ashley Newton, Child Development

Video, "What Children Teach Us" & BMC Association

Mama Bebe, Cat Burns

Other Related Resources

Blog of Dr. Keith Mankin, pediatric orthopedic surgeon in NC

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