What Counts as Tummy Time?

There is more than one way to do tummy time!

As IDME Saliq Savage describes, anything forward of midline is "tummy time." (That is, any incline forward that's no longer straight up and down). Here are some wonderful options.

 Chest to Chestor Tummy to Tummy

Begin upright, holding your baby chest to chest, and lean back against the chair (above). Over time you can lean back further and further until you are lying on your back on the floor, with Baby lying on you (below). This option allows Baby to see your face and interact!

And, the floor of course!

Below: 5 month old's tummy time chit chat!

In Your Lap

Coming soon!

Over Your Arm

Coming soon!

How Baby Finds Support in Tummy Time

When Baby is on the floor or on your chest, his arms interact with the surface, allowing him to feel the support of his bones and push up. This structural support is very important for the development of muscle strength and coordination!

The above two options (over your lap and your arm) won't always provide this arm-to-surface interaction. So use a variety and let some of Baby's tummy time be in contact with the floor or your chest/tummy. 

Above: Once your baby is comfortable on his tummy and mobile, he will find all sorts of ways to do "tummy time," like this adventurous 10 month old! 

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