Your source for a respectful and informed approach to tummy time 

3 month old enjoying tummy time! At top: 7 month old

Make tummy time a place of ease, comfort, and delight!

Tummy Time is a natural and important way for babies to play. It is essential for optimal development.

But many babies are uncomfortable. You don't want to force it, yet you're told that it's important. What can you do? 

There are some important things to know, for all babies:

  • How Baby gets into and out of tummy time makes a difference
  • Please don't force
  • Watch for a startle response
  • Join Baby on the floor
  • What counts as tummy time?
  • Lying on the side and the back are important too!

These recommendations are appropriate for

babies who already enjoy tummy time

and those who aren't comfortable.

Make tummy time a natural, favorite, and empowering place for you and your baby.

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